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Lumi™ -Glowing Soccer ball

Lumi™ -Glowing Soccer ball

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🌟Long lasting glowing with NO batteries

💪Durable materials

⚽Super bounce

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Lumi™ -Glowing Soccerball

Play the Game at a New Level

Can you imagine a ball that during the day looks like the others, but in the evening... absorbed by the daylight during the day it already emits a green light and everyone looks at it? What a Magic !

How it works?

Just leave the Lumi in the sun or a strong lamp for a few hours

  • No batteries required
  • Shine with a Clear Bright neon light
  • Allows to play also at the dark time

Share Time With the Family

Lumi™ -Glowing Soccer ball- where the fun never dims! With a clear, bright neon light, this soccer ball shine brightly, illuminating the field for hours of nighttime play with your friends or family. Under continuous irradiation, it glows continuously for 1-3 hours in darkness, ensuring non-stop excitement. Light up the night with our glow soccer balls and experience the game like never before!

Goaaal !

"Illuminate the game with our glowing soccer ball! Designed to light up the field with vibrant colors, this innovative ball adds an electrifying twist to your soccer experience. Whether playing under the stars or in the dim of dusk, the glowing effect enhances visibility and excitement. Elevate your game with our radiant soccer ball and ignite the spirit of competition like never before!"

Day Vs Night

The light charges the ball during the day, and at night the ball emits a luminescent light



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What will you get:


super bounce

sustainable materials

more than 4 hours glowing


What do I have to do to make the ball glow?

Just put it in the sunlight or under a regular household light bulb for it to glow.

How long should the ball stay under the light?

The longer you leave it under the light, the better. But 30 minutes to 1 hour is enough. The duration of maximum fluorescence depends on light intensity and radiation time, providing exceptional control for shooting and catching.

In what condition will the ball arrive to me?

the ball will be in a compact state, i.e. you will need to inflate it with air

How long will the ball glow?

Once you have left it under the light for enough time, the ball will glow for up to 3 hours

  • ★★★★★

    Awesome fun

    We collect all eyes on the soccer field and the game is much more fun. I made a lot of new friends.

    Sam L.

  • ★★★★★


    I bought this ball as a gift and the surprise was big and very pleasant. My nephew was very excited.

    Lily J.

  • ★★★★★


    The ball is not only interesting, but also of high quality. I recommend

    Brad M.

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